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How Many Hours Is a Part-Time Job?

In this guide, you’ll learn how businesses and organizations define part-time jobs, and how it could impact part-time employees.

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What Is Job Insecurity?

Job insecurity is a state of uncertainty about continued employment. Workers may experience acute job insecurity—such as when a layoff or termination looms—or chronic job insecurity, which is a more generalized fear about not being able to hold onto their jobs.

Many workers may experience job insecurity at some point in their careers by having spent a significant amount of their professional lives in less-than-stable employment situations. However, it’s not all bad news. Here’s what you need to know about job insecurity, and how it relates to your career and the workforce as a whole.

How To Find Out How Many
Hours a Week You’ll Work

Types of Labor Shortages

Labor shortages aren’t simply based on the number of jobs compared to the number of workers. It’s complicated because of the different factors that impact hiring. Job applicants’ training and experience level, the qualifications the employer needs in an ideal candidate, and the wages an employer is willing to pay all factor into whether there is a labor shortage in a particular industry or occupation.

The basic types of labor shortages include:

  • Quantity of people: There can be a labor shortage when there aren’t enough qualified applicants to fill an organization’s needs.
  • Quality of job candidates: When an employer has difficulty finding employees with the qualifications they need, there also can be a labor shortage.

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If you’ve recently quit your job, you likely did a fair amount of soul searching before making the decision. You may have had another job lined up, a transition plan in place, and an idea of what to expect over the coming weeks. However, now you’re not so sure. Maybe your current employer made you a better offer, or there are red flags that the new position is not what you’d hoped when you accepted. Perhaps your job offer was rescinded and you’d like to stay where you are. Can you withdraw your resignation—and if so, how?

How To Withdraw a Resignation

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to withdraw your resignation and continue working in your current role. Here’s how to “un-quit” your job.